It's always important to say thanks and Brian Crouch Of HOG (Harley Owners Group) wrote us nice note that we wanted to share with you. The group held a poker run this past Saturday. It was a fundraiser for their favorite charity MDA. They had a great run and raised over $2600. The money is used for kids to go to summer camps.I'll include a short segment of what Brian wrote;"  Very special thanks to Becky Hughes and Denise Mitchell for "womaning" the check-in tables and card draw. Also to Ronna LaPierre and Bud Johnson, our stop hosts. Of course, I thank Kurt at Grizzly Harley Davidson as a host and for letting us set up "base camp" in his dealership. Terrific. I don't think anyone walked away on Saturday without feeling that this was a fun day, that they helped out the MDA kids, had a great ride (even though we were all tired!). A great time for everyone." Thanks to Brian for including us in getting the word out about this.

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