In a day and age when information is spread so quickly, it is no surprise that conspiracy theories are allowed to run rampant on the internet. Take the QAnon conspiracy for example. These cryptic internet messages have got people all over the country strapping on their tinfoil hats and convinced that a high-ranking person in the government is leaking top secret information via the web.

Well, if you buy that, then you will love this. A conspiracy satire website called recently posted a report on their research of Missoula, MT. As it turns out, Missoula, Montana is just a figment of our imagination, and our community does not actually exist.

According to

Part-time chemtrail researcher, and amateur ionizing radiation hobbyist Skyy Wolford, said “There’s this thing I learned on the Internet called the Bielefeld effect, “It’s where there’s this illusion that someplace actually exists. People talk about it. They even claim to know people there. But it’s all fake. They’re either part of the conspiracy to keep the hoax alive, or they’re delusional.”

As part of Wolford's research, he reached out to the local Missoula government 3 times and no one returned his call. The research says that you only need to answer a few questions to prove Missoula doesn't exist.

"Number one. Do you know anyone from Missoula? Two. Have you ever been to Missoula, Montana? And lastly, number three. Do you know anybody who has ever been to Missoula?”

What if Missoula, was actually just a figment of our imagination? Ponder that while I go open up my cool new tinfoil hat store down on the Hip Strip.

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