I suppose if you charge parents $40,000 a year for their 9th-12th-graders to attend, you're going to have a pretty lofty opinion of yourselves.

But a school with a similar name is doing them "great harm?" C'mon!!!!

But Associated Press tells us that's the legal issue in Boston, where that exclusive private school has filed a $2 million lawsuit. They want a judge to force another school to change its name.

The Commonwealth Academy in Springfield, Mass., serves a large number of minority and low-income students. The Commonwealth School in Boston says they're being deceptive by using "Commonwealth" in their school's name. The Academy says they're willing to include "Springfield" in the name, but won't drop Commonwealth.

So, is the $1,200 per year Commonwealth Academy, which is 90 miles away, doing "great harm" to the $40,000 per year Commonwealth School in Boston? I'd love to get their definition of great harm, wouldn't you? If any kids and parents can afford the Boston school and are actually confused by all of this, I'm not sure you'd want them in your school anyway.    DB

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