You know, I think of Montana as a relatively generous state. We've done events with different organizations here in town for charity, and we're always amazed at how much people are willing to give. So when I saw an article from WalletHub that ranked each state in the US from most to least charitable, I guess I expected to see Montana do pretty well.

And then I clicked on it, and it turns out, we're kinda low on the list! Montana placed at number 33 - not the worst, but certainly lower than we'd probably want to be. Which is surprising, because we actually have the second-most charities per capita among any of the states, just behind Vermont. The ranking was determined by looking at each state's volunteering and service and their rate of charitable giving.

But then you dig a little bit deeper in the list, and things start to seem weird - the number one most charitable state was Utah, but every state surrounding Utah is super low on the list, including Arizona, which appeared at number 50, making it the least charitable. And how did North Dakota rank at number 8 while South Dakota drops all the way down to 30?

So, it's possible there's some fishy stuff going on here - or maybe not. I don't know, I just know that the Montana I've seen is definitely more charitable than number 33. Do you think we can raise our ranking for next year's study and jump up in the numbers? If you want to help us do just that, you can always donate to KYSSMAS For Kids this year - that'd be a great start.

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