The International Wildlife Film Festival is one of the biggest film events of the year in Missoula, and for the last several years, it's been hosted by the Roxy Theater. The Roxy is still set to host... but of course, because of the Coronavirus-related closures, they can't exactly have crowds of people coming into the theater for a full week.

So, they're putting the festival online! The event goes on, and more than 45 films will be available in a virtual space. Here's the info from the Roxy's recent newsletter that they sent out to their members:

Although it's easy to lose track of time these days, April's right around the corner, and with it the 43rd annual International Wildlife Film Festival. Circumstances require us to host IWFF online this year, but Carrie and Jeri have done an extraordinary job adjusting to this unprecedented crisis: IWFF will offer more than 45 films, to be viewed at with select availability the week of the festival. Featured online events and extra material will be available to pass holders. Virtual IWFF passes will be ready for purchase on a sliding pay scale in early April.  Cosmic and Supernova-level Roxy Members will receive a free IWFF virtual pass. Head to to sign-up for email updates and to see the phenomenal programming we have in store April 18-25.

This is a great way to keep the event going and still get people to support The Roxy and the festival. Will you be checking this out?

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