Snow is slowly, but surely piling up on Montana's ski hills. Though some of the summit and base measurement are not what we would like to see. Reports of fresh powder are occurring pretty frequently. Therefore lots of winter fun enthusiast are making the most of what they can get, and hitting the slopes.

But the MILD winters we have experienced the last few years, have not only gotten us confused and upset. It also apparently has bears a little confused on when they are supposed to wake up from their long nap. Footage recently surfaced online, showing a large bear trying to make a mid winter snack out of a skier. The footage was recently shot at Predeal Mountain Resort in Romania.

According to ABC News the skier actually made the right moves to evade the bear.

“He did a pretty cool move, which is a really safe one when you want to get away from the bear,” Angel Somicu, who had spotted the bear an hour earlier along with another skier, Daniel Jenei, told ABC News. “He dropped his bag off, and, well, the bear was dragged towards the bag.”

The bear was a large brown bear, which would be about equivalent to the size of a grizzly bear here in the US. In fact they are almost identical.

According to

"Grizzly bears and brown bears are the same species (Ursus arctos), but grizzly bears are currently considered to be a separate subspecies."

Just imagine a grizzly barreling down the slope trying to catch you. I guarantee it would involve some Olympics style skiing from yours truly...ALL THE WAY TO THE PARKING LOT!

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