It was pretty quiet if you walked the halls of the radio station the last couple of weeks. It seems like everybody in our building was using it before they would be losing it when it came to vacation days. I'm not sure about anybody else, but today was one of those days for me where it was tough to get going. It was the first day back to work after a nice bit of downtime for the holidays - so that's always rough. And to top it off, we're 4 days into 2021 and there hasn't been a magical fix to all the problems of 2020 like all the internet memes led us to believe.

But just when I needed a bit of good news for the day - there it was - an offer to save a bunch of money on beer at breweries across the state! You've probably seen all sorts of deals online.......where you can maybe pay $25 but get a gift certificate worth $50. It's usually a pretty good deal, especially if it's a restaurant or business that you already love. Well, how's this for a pretty fantastic offer? The MTN Brewery Pass will cost you $60 but you'll then receive a growler fill at 33 breweries around Montana (a $425 value.) If you'll be traveling the state, this is a deal that will pay for itself in deliciousness.

Is there some fine print with the offer? Sure. But it still seems like a pretty awesome deal if you know that you'll be in different parts of Montana between now and December 31st.

The MTN Brewery Pass is valid at these locations:

Beaverhead Brewing Company - Dillon, MT
Bias Brewing - Kalispell, MT
Big Spring Brewing - Lewistown, MT
Black Eagle Brewery - Great Falls, MT
Blackfoot River Brewing Co. - Helena, MT
Bozeman Brewing Company - Bozeman, MT
Bridger Brewing - Bozeman, MT
Canyon Ferry Brewing Co. - Townsend, MT
Carter’s Brewing - Billings, MT
Copper Furrow Brewing - Helena, MT
Cranky Sam Public House - Missoula, MT
Cut Bank Creek Brewery - Cut Bank, MT
Freefall Brewery - Billings, MT
Gally’s Brewing - Harlowtown, MT
Harvest Moon Brewing Co. - Belt, MT
Lewis & Clark Brewing Co. - Helena, MT
MAP Brewing Company - Bozeman, MT
Meadowlark Brewing & Public House - Sidney, MT
Mighty Mo Brewing Company - Great Falls, MT
Missouri River Brewing - East Helena, MT
Nordic Brew Works - Bozeman, MT
Old Station Brewing Co. - Havre, MT
Outlaw Brewing - Bozeman, MT
Philipsburg Brewing Company - Philipsburg, MT
Ronan Cooperative Brewery - Ronan, MT
Ruby Valley Brew - Sheridan, MT
Sacred Waters Brewing Co. - Kalispell, MT
SHINE Beer Sanctuary - Bozeman, MT
Thirsty Street Brewing Company - Billings, MT
Triple Dog Brewing Co. - Havre, MT
Vizsla Brewing - Havre, MT
Wildwood Brewing - Stevensville, MT
Zesty Beverages - Bozeman, MT

Check out the complete details with the offer and purchase your Brewery Pass HERE.

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