Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Rams played the Seattle Seahawks with parking costing upwards of $100! I am the first to admit I like to be frugal or financially responsible so paying that would make my head explode. You are just parking your car in a spot and praying no one puts a ding in the side of it. The most I have ever seen a parking spot go for was in Seattle before a Seahawks game and those were $50 about 7 years ago, so I'm sure it's more expensive now.

I asked my co-workers how much is the most they have ever paid for a parking spot and got some outrageous answers. My Sales Manager Rob once paid $85 for a parking spot when driving in Manhattan, NY. He mentioned that a parking ticket would cost $125, so it was an easy decision for him. My General Manager Scott has paid $50-$60 for parking when in New York as well. So, I will not be driving in New York, ever!

What is the most you have ever paid for a parking spot?


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Frenchtown!

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