I can't believe I have not been back to this field since I was 4. It was kind of odd to be back but I was so excited.

Buster Posey was on the plate and man was the crowd excited, minus the two fake Giants fans next to me. Talked the whole time while he was on the mound. Also got to see Carlo Gonzalez bat too for the Rockies.

I was there when I was 4 and haven't been back. It was kind of surreal to be there again. It's funny how you remember bits and pieces from childhood and even more so with the modern generation since there are pictures of everything. I remember it being so hot, Jurassic Park had just came out for the first time and my mother took my newborn sister to that (she just slept the whole time) while my sisters dad took me to the Rockies game. We sat way up high. So it was really cool this time being able to sit with great seats.

The Rockies lost and the Giants played well. Live sports are so great!


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