After a successful year in 2014, Hunters Against Hunger is preparing for an even larger response this hunting season. 

A Montana law passed during the 2013 legislative session allows individuals to make a contribution that will help nonprofit groups process donated wild game for free distribution by Montana Food Bank Network to help feed people in need.

CEO Gayle Gifford said there are several ways for hunters to help the hungry in Montana.

"First, they can make a contribution when they purchase their license, there's an option to donate on the form," Gifford said. "That funding pool goes to pay for the processing of wild game meat. We've been getting about $70,000 a year from Hunters Against Hunger, which comes to about 38,000 pounds of wild game going out to about 28 different organizations that serve the hungry in Montana."

The Montana Food Bank Network is preparing for an increase in the amount of game donations as awareness increases this year. Hunters who legally harvested big game during the hunting season are able to donate the meat to help Montanans in need at no cost to the hunter.  Only legally harvested or confiscated big game animals can be donated (deer, elk, antelope, moose and wild buffalo).  No road kill can be donated.