Selling an album is hard enough in today’s tough musical climate without having to worry about current events overshadowing your music — but that’s just the position Trace Adkins is finding himself in with his upcoming release, ‘Proud to Be Here.’

As Adkins pointed out during a recent interview, “My album comes out August 2. And when is the deadline on the debt crisis? August 2! So, what do you think is going to dominate the press that day? I’m out there trying to sell my album and it’s never mind that, we’re going down the toilet!”

Arguments over how to raise the debt ceiling have dominated Washington — and the national news — for weeks now, and Adkins knows people have been thinking about that instead of his music. “We’re supposed to be on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ‘FOX and Friends’ and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t want to talk to me, I understand,” he admitted. “That’s just my luck … And the politicians, they’re not going to settle it before then, they’re going to take it right to the wire!”

As it turns out, Adkins can breathe a sigh of relief — President Obama and Congress finally reached a deal Sunday night, so now people can once again focus on Adkins, who is doing a-okay. ‘ His 10th album, ‘Proud to Be Here,’ has already spun off a Top 20 hit, ‘Just Fishin’.’

[Taste of Country]