You've probably observed that many playgrounds throughout Montana are not accessible or usable by children with disabilities.

It's also a pretty safe bet that many communities lack the funding needed to develop such playgrounds. Well, while it may take some effort from a convincing grass roots appeal, Montana State Parks is giving folks an option to apply for funds from the Montana Accessible Playgrounds Grant Program.

The program is designed to help municipalities and school districts secure additional grant funding to develop accessible playgrounds where children of all abilities can learn and play. Montana State Parks administers the program with $100,000 appropriated by the 2017 State Legislature. And while a grant award will not exceed $10,000, if you've ever seen children with disabilities struggle to enjoy a playground's amenities, maybe it's a great first step for you to take. If you want to volunteer some time and get involved, here is a direct link to Montana State Parks Playground Grant page. Good luck and God bless in trying to make a difference for some children.



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