With hunting season not far off, it’s time to purchase a rifle, but, if you’ve never purchased a rifle before, there is some paperwork, and a possible wait involved.

Rich Oschner with Missoula Mercantile/Axmen Firearms walks through the process of purchasing a long rifle, from filling out a questionnaire for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, to waiting for approval to heading home with your rifle. He says in almost all cases, the customer passes the BATF test, and can take the rifle home immediately, and the number of people who don’t qualify comes to less than 1%.

Oschner says the process is worth the paperwork, to help keep people safe.  He says those who already have received a concealed-carry permit, are automatically qualified to purchase a hunting rifle with no paperwork or waiting.

Oschner cautions firearms purchasers that anyone who lies on a firearms background check form can be charged with a felony.

Rich Oschner of Missoula Mercantile/Axmen Firearms