A recent poll came out regarding the healthiest places to live in 2020. I was curious as to if Montana would make the list. We have lots of healthy food options, lots of outdoor year-round activity, and from what I have seen, it seems like most people here are healthy. Did we make the list?

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

We DID! Not just one time, but three times and three different counties. Whoop Whoop! Way to go Montana! You can find the entire list HERE, but these are the three counties in Montana that are the healthiest. Ranked from 1-60.

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

Jefferson County. Coming in 59th on the list, Jefferson County got an overall score of 76/100, a life expectancy age of 78.9 years old, a poverty rate of 8.8%, and an obesity prevalence of 25.4%. Not too shabby for a county of a little over 12k.

Madison County. Ranked 42nd out of 60, Madison County beat Jefferson County, but not by a lot. Receiving a 77/100, an average life expectancy of 80.9, a poverty rate of 10.6%, and an obesity prevalence of 23.6%.

Gallatin County. WAY TO GO BOZEMAN! Coming 29th overall out of 60, Gallatin County really put out the numbers. 79/100 overall, 82 years old for life expectancy, 11.9% poverty rate, and 17.1% for obesity prevalence.

This makes me happy to know the state we live in has three different counties that make the list. Perhaps this is part of the reason people want to live here and enjoy this beautiful state. I mean, it does make sense.

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