Let's see...with a little luck I might be able to bowl 13 strikes in one hour! One minute? Uh, no. But that is what a guy in Michigan is trying to do to get his name and accomplishment entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. And to raise a little money for charity. Jason Hicks unofficially tied the record of 12 strikes in one minute. He'll try again in May to break it. His family owns Clio Bowling Arcade in Clio, Michigan. I assume he would have to roll, jump to the next lane while the first ball is still on its way to the pins, roll another ball, jump to the next lane and so on. So not only will he have to roll strikes, he'll have to roll really fast! Actually sounds like it would be entertaining to watch. And wouldn't consume much of our time. Well, good luck, Jason. Hope you raise lots of money for charity! DB

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