Having skiers remorse that I didn't get my new skis this week! Just too busy and exhausted... Now I'm stuck at home in the snow instead of playing in it. Although we are in for more snow so I shouldn't complain.

I had so many friends go hit the hills this weekend, whether they traveled or went in our back yard, they all had fun. I was suppose to pick up new skis this week but got so busy and the weather was dicey, so I waited and now have to wait to ski till I can get better skis. My old skis would be good if it was super rocky where we went, which is a possibility this time of year, but there was a lot of powder to hit this weekend in some areas and my skis would have just been a pain.

I should get my skis this week and be able to hit the hill this weekend, but it may be a chilly ride. The area ski hills are in for more snow this weekend it looks like.

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