Image courtesy of Thinkstock
Image courtesy of Thinkstock

It's hard to gauge the gratitude of a galloping groundhog. But we'll guess it was grand. And luckily it will live to see its shadow again.

Associated Press reports that campus police at Lehigh University were able to free a groundhog's head from inside a tin can. Concerned onlookers notified authorities, who at first did not succeed. One officer simply tried to remove the can, but no luck. Next came the other officer with a long-armed grabber, looping around the can and holding tight, while the other officer grabs the south end of the northbound groundhog and gently pulls backwards.

The little fella pops out and scurries away, apparently unharmed.

The campus cops didn't see their shadows and should have 6 more weeks of wonderful working conditions.  DB



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