On Sunday I get to celebrate my favorite person on this planet, my wife Savannah. So often we go from day to day without recognizing how important the people in our life really are. Savannah is my rock, my world, my everything. We met 10+ years ago when I was working in radio at college in Auburn, WA. I saw her really cute smile toward the back of the classroom, because of course she showed up late to class. Hahaha! I asked her to be an intern for our college morning show and she said yes! I had to fire her on her second day because she kept showing up late. But she didn't take it too hard, because we kept spending time together and I am so glad everything worked out.

This weekend we are going to have some fun doing Bingo tonight at the Lucky Strike. We have tickets to see "The Drowsy Chaperone" for Saturday night. And on Sunday, Savannah gets to make the plans but I want to spoil her as much as possible. If that isn't enough some of Savannah's best friends in the world are flying into Missoula tonight!

I truly feel like the luckiest guy on this earth spending everyday with this amazing woman. Here is to 29 being the best year ever. Happy Birthday Savannah!

  • Koda!

    My Dog playing with toys!

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