I look forward to this weekend every year, it's our annual Fantasy Baseball Draft in Seattle with a bunch for friends, family, and some radio colleagues. We will eat too much bbq, drink too much beer, and have a rough drive back to Missoula after enjoying every minute of it. No, I won't be driving, my amazing wife will be doing that. It happens every year and I always look forward to it.

Everything is set for a fun filled weekend, although I cannot stop second guessing myself on who I want to draft this year. I have the 3rd pick overall. I can get anyone I want to lead my team for the years to come, as this is a 'keeper' fantasy league. So this pick is very important. My gut tells me to stick with former Missoula Osprey big hitter, Paul Goldschmidt. The only reason I am second guessing myself is that Paul is already 28 years old, and there are other rising starts that are around the 24 years old range. So do I take a chance on the young gun, or stick with who is consistent? Oh, I will be thinking about this pick for years to come. The good news is that I will have lots of time on the drive over to think about who I want to build my team around.


    Insane Inflatable 5K for 2016!

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