When it comes to Griz football, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of playing just a couple of games with a modified spring schedule. After the canceled season last fall, the proposed spring season, then withdrawing from the spring season, and having the 2021 fall schedule already announced.....it's just a bit odd to have a couple random games dropped in the middle of the calendar next month.

But football is football, right? So we'll be pumped just to have games that are being played. We already had the first opponent scheduled for the Griz - Central Washington will play at Washington-Grizzly Stadium on April 10. And news today brings a second game as Big Sky Conference member Portland State will come to town to battle the Grizzlies on April 17. If you can remember way back in 2019 - when both teams last played football - they played each other as the Griz got a win on the road. And the upcoming game will work for scheduling purposes since the two teams aren't scheduled to play during the upcoming fall season.

Whenever we talk about possible games at the stadium we all wonder the same thing - will fans be allowed in attendance? As of now the answer remains the same.....we don't know yet.

Today's press release stated:

Both games are contingent on approval by the Missoula County Health Department (MCHD) and will follow all NCAA guidelines and best practices for COVID testing.

Fan attendance and ticketing options at Washington-Grizzly Stadium are yet to be determined and will be based on approval from MCHD. Broadcast details and kickoff time for the game will also be determined at a later date.

It'll sure be a bummer if fans aren't allowed to attend. But it feels like progress continues to be made in easing some of the social restrictions and we might just be able to be back in the stands when April 10 rolls around. Go Griz!

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