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Blogsville Sports! Familiar with the Bracket Busters? It's mostly a made-for-TV men's college basketball creation that is supposed to enhance the chances of some teams getting to the NCAA tourney. Anyhoo, Montana's opponent has been announced.The Griz will host Hawaii of the Western Athletic Conference. The Warriors' record sits at 12-9 overall and 4-3 in the WAC. Common opponents: Eastern Washington (Hawaii lost to them, UM beat them twice), Nevada (both teams lost to them) and Idaho (both teams beat the Vandals). The beauty of this thing is that when you host a Bracket Buster, you have to return the favor by traveling to the home court of your opponent the next season or the one after. Ahh, gee whiz!!!!! We have to go to Hawaii in the dead of February?!?!?!? :-)

The game is Saturday, Feb. 18th at 7pm. Go Griz!   DB