Granger Smith has released a new music video for his song "Merica," with his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. taking center stage in the humorously patriotic clip.

The "Merica" video is just as outlandish as Smith's other releases as Dibbles Jr., featuring shots of the singer in outer space (on his way to the sun?), holding a bald eagle and with a group of camo-clad women. The American flag gets plenty of screen time, too (of course). Press play on the video above to watch.

"One of my goals in writing this one was to try and capture who Earl is for those who might not know anything about him. From the first line, you can picture who Earl is ...," Smith explains. "Earl Dibbles Jr. allows me to work way outside the typical parameters of country music, and this song adds another tangible layer to who Earl is.”

"Merica" is one of the tracks on Smith's upcoming major-label debut album, Remington, which is set for release on March 4. The disc also features two more tracks from Dibbles Jr.: "Country Boy Love" and "City Boy Stuck," the latter of which already has an equally funny music video. Smith, as himself, recently released the project's second single, "If the Boot Fits."

Remington is available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon.

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