For the majority of people who receive a ticket from law enforcement its because we know we are in the wrong and deserve the consequence of our actions. In Las Vegas this past week Stephanie Fragoso got a ticket for distracted driving, not because she was on her phone, or eating while driving, it was for applying chapstick. She was at a red light waiting for her turn so she pulled out her chapstick and applied it to her lips that was enough for one police man to pull her over and write a rather large ticket.

Trooper Loy Hixson says the ticket was for 'distracted driving.' “It states that when a person is operating a vehicle they must provide full attention to the driving so that it won't render that action to be unsafe. They may be eating; we've seen women putting on makeup. I have seen men shaving with their electric razors. One time, when I was driving down U.S. 95, I saw a lady watching a movie on her iPad and the iPad was attached to her steering wheel with Velcro."

I would totally understand that large of a ticket if in fact Stephanie had an iPad attached to her steering wheel, but all she did was apply chapstick. If I was in the officer's shoes I would have just issued a warning. What about you?

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