I love how this has snowballed into such a BIG THING.

If you missed the beginning of this "feud" between Jimmy Kimmel and Gonzaga University - the good news is it's all there on YouTube to visit at any time.

A rough recap.  Jimmy Kimmel joked on his show that he thinks Gonzaga is a made up school since you don't hear anything about it until it's basketball tournament time every year.  And you know how it goes from there.......people tweet at Jimmy, Jimmy does another monologue and mentions people are sending him crazy messages, the news stations in Gonzaga react and do stories about it, Jimmy does another monologue to mention the chaos and outcry of those in Spokane........and the cycle repeats itself.

The latest jab from Kimmel came with an appearance from Spike, the Gonzaga mascot.

At least it provides a bit of entertainment until the tournament kicks up again tomorrow and Gonzaga gets back on the court.

Check out the video above to see the video of 'Spike' paying Kimmel a visit.

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