If you've spent any time swinging a golf club - you know how good it feels when you hit a pretty shot off the tee. I'm talking about really getting into one and watching its majestic flightpath! I guess the only thing better would be having the chance to hit those shots in iconic places and with scenic backdrops. One man set out on a journey to travel around the country and hit golf balls in every state over the course of 30 days. Along the way he hit balls in football stadiums, off of buildings, off of docks, in the mountains, and more. But one place he hit balls ended up getting him some Montana news coverage for all the wrong reasons.

Jake Adams is a golfer and a stand-up comedian that set out on his journey of hitting golf balls in each of our great states. As one does these days, he would post daily videos of his shots and adventures on social media. All was going well until there came a bit of backlash after he hit balls in different National Parks, including Yellowstone. There was an outcry of objectors that raised eyebrows over the disturbances caused by his golf shots - as well as the golf balls that were left behind. In Yellowstone, according to this story, he hit multiple balls "off a mountain, into a mountain and what appears to be off a boardwalk."

The story with YNP really started making headlines near the end of April - and just days ago Jake posted the video above on his Instagram page where he apologizes for his actions and also mentions that he originally thought he was ok because he was using biodegradable balls.

I watched some of his videos - and his apology video - and he seems like a likeable enough guy. It feels like it might have been one of those instances where he really didn't realize that what he was doing was in the wrong.

Visit Jake's Instagram page to see where his adventures took him over the 30 days. Although, you won't find the Yellowstone video on his page! On a side note - if you find yourself roaming around YNP anytime soon and you see a golf ball.....pick it up and put it in the trash.

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