Some assumed that with Montana moving to the next phase of reopening the state on June 1st, and the Montana entrances to Yellowstone National Park opening the same day, that Glacier National Park would follow the same schedule. But, news about GNP last week provided few details other than the fact the park would not open on that same schedule for the first of June.

We've now learned some additional details with what to expect when Glacier reopens to the public after a more than two-month closure. Stop me if you've heard this one before - a phased reopening plan - has been announced for GNP.

There is still no exact date for when plans will go into effect but it's expected to be in June. Once started, a article says the reopening will follow the following guidelines.

PHASE ONE - vehicle access only to some park roads | limited access to trails | no services other than public restrooms.

PHASE TWO (in June or July) - limited access to campgrounds and boating | backcountry permits available | limited visitor and ranger stations | reopening of lodging and on-the-go food services.

PHASE THREE - opening of additional campgrounds | personal boating allowed | more facilities and services

Health and safety remains the top priority as GNP makes plans to reopen. Plans could change depending on the social conditions. They ask that anyone feeling ill does not make plans to visit the park. Visitors will be asked to follow social distancing guidelines.


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