The 4th of July is behind us. Judging by the amount of leftover fireworks mess that is still lingering in our yards, it was quite the celebration. For a a few short hours this past Sunday, we all looked at the sky and said "Ohhhhhh! and Awwwww!" every time an artillery display left the ground and exploded. But, for some Montanans, that fireball flying in the sky did not come form this earth. It did not leave a small tube using the explosion of gas generated by burning gunpowder. This fireball was from out of this world.

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The Montana Learning Center captured remarkable video footage of a fireball that entered our atmosphere shooting over Canyon Ferry Lake.

In partnership with the American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Society Research station, their observatory has seven cameras covering 180 degrees of the sky, recording 24/7.

Early this past Saturday, the Montana Learning Center captured the fireball on camera near Helena. They estimate that it is a meteorite that is roughly the size of a beach ball or basketball. As far as it causing any damage, scientist believe that it broke up into smaller pieces when it entered the atmosphere.

The fireball spotted in Montana was not the only natural fireworks show to happen in the region. 12 hours a part form the one spotted over Canyon Ferry, a larger fireball was spotted near Eagle, Idaho. In the following footage you will see how the object explodes with bright light shortly after entering the atmosphere.


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