Montana Governor Greg Gianforte sent a letter to President Joe Biden this week saying he would be "willing to partner" with the new administration on shared priorities, then added he would be a "strong voice for Montana" when the Governor disagrees with Biden policies.

While Governor Gianforte began his letter with a note of congratulations on Biden's inauguration, focus immediately turned to the President's executive order that terminates construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Governor Gianforte wrote of the broad support for the pipeline, including bipartisan support from former Democratic Governors Steve Bullock and Brian Schweitzer. "I was disappointed that you signed an executive order today to halt its construction," said Gov. Gianforte.

The decision to stop the pipeline has "real and devastating consequences for Montana," Gianforte wrote. Thousands of jobs, and "hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue" for local communities and schools are gone, according to Governor Gianforte. "Hardworking Montana families still grappling with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic feel the rug pulled out from under them," Gianforte wrote to President Biden.

Your campaign slogan, “Build Back Better,” would seem to apply to critical infrastructure projects such as Keystone XL pipeline. With its construction terminated, the oil will still reach markets in the U.S. and around the globe. Without a pipeline, though, it will be transported more slowly by trucks and other means, endangering the environment, delaying delivery and making it more expensive for consumers who are struggling to make ends meet amid the pandemic. -Governor Greg Gianforte in a letter to President Biden

In the letter urging President Biden to reconsider his executive order on the Keystone pipeline, Governor Gianforte used part of Biden's campaign slogan when writing, "You have an opportunity to cut through the malarkey and make the right decision for countless Americans, including Montanans.'

CLICK HERE to see the entire letter from Governor Gianforte to President Biden.

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