That Montana is not in the top tier of states people are relocating to probably suits lots of Montanans just fine.

But there is a boom in two of our neighboring states, one on each side. And according to United Van Lines, the most rush is to the state of Rushmore.

United Van Lines' annual moving tracker shows that the top destination state for people relocating is South Dakota, knocking Oregon from the number one spot, which had held the title for three straight years. Oregon dropped to third. In between South Dakota and Oregon comes Vermont in second. Idaho came in fourth and South Carolina was number five.

So, what moves in must move out, right? And no, Montana is not in the top five in that category, either. United Van Lines says the states with the highest percentage of outbound moves are New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Connecticut and Kansas.

So, fellow Montanans, let's just remain comfy somewhere in the "middle 40" shall we?


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