An amusing story from Jeff Griffin, GM of our Missoula Osprey baseball team. The osprey nest located on a very tall pole beyond the centerfield fence at Ogren Park Allegiance Field has been taken over by geese. That nest has received national attention as a nesting home for osprey. It is believed to be the only pro sports team mascot living in its natural habitat at the home team's venue. The geese have been observed nesting for a couple of weeks now. It is expected they will leave once the nesting season is done, which could be another two weeks. Osprey have returned from their south migration and are expected to move in just as soon as there's a vacancy, as they have every year since that centerfield platform was installed. So no plans to change the team's name to Missoula Geese and osprey have been seen at local hardware stores shopping for home security systems.

Osprey baseball begins June 20. Call the office (don't make honking noises, that's already gotten old) at 543-3300 for ticket information. DB