I am so excited! Dancing with the Missoula Stars is back and this year I won't be on the dance floor dancing, I'll be the host. This is an event that is so cool and is so much fun to be a part of.

Every celebrity from last year had a blast and enjoys this so much and continue to support it. I am lucky to be involved heavily with the folks as I get to interview them all. I seriously have enjoyed everyone that I have met and had a chance to spend some time with for Dancing with the Missoula Star has been great.

Since I am hosting the show we were thinking a ball gown could be nice and the best place in town for that is Rococo Bridal! Debbie, Becky and Amanda are great. Debbie and Amanda assisted me more then you know, they had color choices they thought would go good with my hair and skin tone, and in the end picked out this stunning dress. I don't want to ruin it as I will reveal it the night of the show on Feb 18th at MCT for the Performing Arts.

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