Garth Brooks is giving fans an early Christmas gift! The singer announced Monday that his final Garth Brooks, Live From Las Vegas show will air live on television.

It's been almost four years since Brooks began playing his one-man acoustic show at the Wynn Las Vegas. Typically, it's just been the country legend and his guitar on stage, although wife Trisha Yearwood has joined him at times.

Without a doubt, the show is one of the hottest tickets on the strip. The intimate nature of the performance -- a stark contrast to many of the Vegas productions -- has earned him overwhelmingly positive critical and fan approval. This final performance comes as Brooks has begun teasing something very big for 2014.

During the broadcast -- which airs the day after Thanksgiving -- Brooks promises to take the audience through his musical journey. Of course, he'll play his hits, but will also work through songs by artists who have influenced him. That means songs by Merle Haggard, George Jones, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Seger, James Taylor and more are all possibilities. The setlist is never set in concrete; Brooks has typically just gone wherever the mood takes him.

Garth Brooks' final Live From Las Vegas show will air at 9PM ET on November 29 on CBS. The broadcast will be delayed for viewers on the West Coast.

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