Staying cool in the summer is important. Getting kids to drink enough can be especially hard. It seems that every summer at least one of my boys gets a minor case of dehydration. The heat and blazing sun doesn’t seem to bother them.

My boys can and do spend hours outside playing sports. Most of the time I have to force them to come inside for a drink. I’m hoping these delicious ice cubes will do the trick in getting my boys to drink more. Give these ice cubes a try, see if they help your kids stay hydrated this summer.

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    Cool Candy

    Freeze gummy worms or other pieces of fruity candy in a little bit of juice or water in an ice cube trays. Add the ice cubes to their favorite drinks for a sweet treat.

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    Freeze aide

    Freeze cool-aid or other juice in ice cube trays. Add the ice cubes to Sprite. As the cube melts, the color and the flavor will mix in with the soda.

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    Icy puree

    Puree your favorite summer fruits. Pour the puree into ice cube trays and freeze. Serve these ice cubes in water, ginger ale or Sprite.

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    Shivery Syrup

    Freeze chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup in ice cube trays. Add the ice cubes to your child’s milk and have them stir and swirl in the flavor.

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    Frigid Fruit

    Add whole pieces of fruit to ice cube trays. Pack as much fruit in the tray as you can get and then pour water or juice over the fruit. Let freeze. Serve with your child’s favorite juice or clear sparkly soda.

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