It's been a tough year of cancelations and snuffed fun due to the pandemic. But here's something you can plan with your family this winter, maybe a weekend to look forward to during the holiday break. Naturally the first thing you think of when you hear Silver Mountain is skiing and snowboarding. And they've got killer powder for that, but you can also have a blast there even if you're not a snowboarder.

We didn't hit Silver Mountain last winter, but we did the year before and it was still as fun as we remembered. They've got this amazing sled hill with 5 runs that go slightly different speeds. It's safe enough for your little kids but still fun enough for adults. And the great part is, they've got a moving walk way that takes you and your tube back up the hill.

After a day of sledding, nothing sounds better than a hot tub to warm your chilled bones. That's when you take the world's longest gondola back down to the resort to hit Silver Rapids, their indoor water park. Your family will love the water slides, Flow Rider surf wave, lazy river and you will most certainly dig the full bar with hot tubs on the second level.

If you decide to stay over, resort rooms range from typical, but really nice hotel rooms to studios and 2 bedroom suites. The room we had included a full kitchen with refrigerator and stove, so you really could spend a full week at Silver Mountain if you brought some groceries. When you need a break from Missoula's winter this year, you might plan a trip to Silver Mountain. It's about a two hour drive from Missoula to Kellogg, Idaho and is just off I-90.

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