Not very often do I take a random Tuesday off work, but yesterday was special since I had my three year old nephew Nolan in town from Nevada. It was so much fun to see his parents but the excitement he had as we were playing was the best!

One of Nolan's favorite things are dinosaurs so we had to stop by the Missoula Children's Museum so he could do the Dino Dig. It was one of his favorite things to do here. In fact we found all the dinosaur bones and fossils multiple times, after hiding them again.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

We also made the walk down to the Carousel for Missoula where he got to ride the dragon. He did enjoy the ride although at the end he did say he ended up a little dizzy. All day long we had fun and that is the most important part, maybe I need to start taking more random Tuesday's off. Although the real reason yesterday was so fun is because he was here to play.


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Lolo!