FrontierSpace is an alternative art gallery in Missoula that, over the last ten years, has been the home of tons of non-commercial artwork you wouldn't be likely to see in just any art gallery. It's a popular First Friday destination where people can swing by and check out the new exhibits every month, located in the alley on West Pine Street. Or at least, it's there for now - they're currently seeking a new home.

The co-directors of the gallery are letting the lease expire at the end of July rather than renew for an additional three years because upcoming renovations coming to the building may impact the space - a new Bike and Type space is opening in the location.

FrontierSpace is run by UM students earning their Master of Fine Arts degrees, and they're not doing in-person showings at the moment thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Their hope is to find something small in the downtown area, near the Hip Strip or UM campus.

Have you ever checked out FrontierSpace before? I'll admit, I didn't know it existed, but now that I do, I'm pretty intrigued - a space in Missoula to highlight diverse or strange art that exists outside of the mainstream is a great idea. Hopefully they'll be able to find their new location soon so people can head over there once things get back to normal.

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