It was the perfect way to end our Friday night bowling league at Westside Lanes in Missoula. On the last night everyone is already in a great mood because we all walk away with a little bit of money. It is a blind pairing, so you have no idea who you're actually bowling with. The goal is just to bowl as well as you can and the better you do the more money you will most likely make.

Just last week I was telling you on the radio about one amazing bowler who throw a 290 game then a 270 game last week. Both of those games are phenomenal, considering the highest score you can get in bowling is a 300 game. Well, that tremendous bowler was able to capture a 300 game on our very last night of league bowling. So, that also means that she got paid out pretty well too.

Beyond just hanging out with our bowling team and trying to get better at bowling the real fun in joining a bowling league is creating lots of new friends. Often times I talk about how the bowling league lasts for a long time but really I enjoy the time making new friends at the lanes. Especially when you get to see one of those new friends throw a 300 game.

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