I have always been fascinated with cryptids. You know creatures that people are not quite sure whether they exist or not. Creatures like the "chupacabra," "Loch Ness monster," or the big man "Bigfoot." But, not all cryptids are mythical creatures. Now we are not calling flying squirrels cryptids, because they have been scientifically documented. But we do ask the question...

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel in western Montana?

According to Wikipedia

Northern flying squirrels gliding distances tend to be between 5 and 25 metres, though glides of up to 45 m and longer have been observed. Average glides are about 5 m less for females than for males. Glide angle has been measured at 26.8 degrees and glide ratio at 1.98.

I have personally captured evidence of flying squirrels on trail cameras used near the Lochsa River in Idaho. I would assume that it wouldn't take much for them to "fly" over the mountain into western Montana. I guess I just haven't found myself wandering the woods in the dark.

The range of the northern flying squirrel stretches from Alaska to Nova Scotia. But their range appears to dip into western Montana and Idaho. Meaning you may very well spot a flying fuzzball with your flashlight some night.

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