Another first checked off my fly fishing list. The west fork of the Bitterroot was unbelievable and I am so happy I was able to float it for my first time this weekend.

Considered one of the more beautiful stretches of water in the state, the west fork of the Bitterroot (past Darby) is a very serene place to fish. The Goldens were out and small salmon flies were working. You could really throw a lot of patterns of dry flies and probably get a hit.

Tommy Nichol is who I went with and is one heck of a guide. He knows that river inside and out, and rowing the west fork of the bitter root is not easy. He guides through Latitudes Outfitting in the Bitterroot Valley. GREAT GUIDE! If you have yet to fish that area or maybe never had a guide take you out, you need to get big Tom. He'll take good care of you.

It was a semi cloudy day and a bit windy which made it more difficult to dry fly fish but we got her done.

The Bitterroot river in general is just a cool place to fish and has a lot of stretches that are easy to wade and some back channels I really like. As a first timer on the west fork of this river, it's a must visit and must fish.


    Spinning Dubbin for Fly Fishing

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