The season for dry fly fishing is finally here! I dry flied for my first time this year and it was awesome. Thanks to my friend Tommy Nichol, I was in a nice spot for fishy waters.

As the temps warm up and you start seeing the sun more, dry fly season begins. There were a few hatches on the water where we were. I, of course, started out nymphing but was convinced once Big Tom caught one on a dry that I may need to switch over. Then he caught some prime water out of the corner of his eye and realized there was most likely a toad or a fish sitting in there waiting for a fly to float by.

I actually hooked the same fish twice! We found a good spot and I put that fly right over that fish and he ate it. Head came out, we saw him clear as day. I had him... but only for a moment and he shook off. I was bummed and disappointed... my hands were shaking and it was still a rush. I even said I bet I can catch that fish again to Tommy...

Sure enough I cast out there, flick my fly once and sure enough he came up and ate that fly again. Same fish... we both recognized it but this time I was setting that hook right and he wasn't going anywhere. Although he could have given me a lot more heck, he was fairly mellow when I got him close and wasn't too feisty. We were in slower water too so that helped.

My first fish of the season on a dry fly and it was a leopard type rainbow hybrid I think?

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