Winter still seems to be clinging on like my old high school girlfriend. It just won't seem to go away. It is almost like we are having an argument with Mother Nature and she leaves the room, only to come back and say "AND ANOTHER THING......" The weather has already managed to throw a wrench into many of my Spring plans. It seems every time I try and get outside to do some yard work, it snows. At this rate, I am never going to get my boat running in time for spring fishing.

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Sometimes fishing can be a little slow, which gives you plenty of time to think up really silly ideas. Ideas like the annual "Maggot Races" in the small town of Checkerboard, MT. These races have been going on for over a decade now and were inspired by a group of ice fishermen who had a slow day on the lake.

What is a "Maggot Race"?

All they had to show for it was the leftover maggots that they used for bait. They thought it would be a great idea to take a shot glass and flip it over onto a piece of white paper. They traced a circle in the center of the paper, using the rim of the shot glass. They then drew a large circle on the outer edges of the paper. Each ice fisherman would then dig out a "thoroughbred" maggot from their bait can and color it with a washable marker. The different colored maggots would then go into the shot glass. After a quick shake, to stir things up, the glass would be flipped upside down on the center ring. After a minute, they would raise the glass and cheer as their maggots slowly squirm to the edge of the paper. It is one of the most heated races you will ever witness. I'm surprised it isn't featured on ESPN, to be honest.

A similar ice fishing-inspired race is taking place this Saturday night in Stevensville, using another popular bait for ice fishing: live minnows.

The Lonesome Dove bar in Stevensville is hosting another round of "Minnow Races." And you don't have to be a fisherman or have your own bait to participate. Minnows will be provided.

toa heftiba via
toa heftiba via

How it works:

Race lanes will be set up inside the bar, using 10ft rain gutters. The gutters will be filled with a few inches of water. Racers will choose their thoroughbred minnow and face off in head-to-head races. One teammate must escort the minnow down the entire 10ft lane, and the other teammate must escort it back to the starting line . The minnow "handler" can only use a straw to encourage the minnow to move by blowing bubbles in the water. The first minnow across the finish line wins.

Entry for Teams is $20 in advance (purchase at the Lonesome Dove) or $30 after 6 pm the day of the race.

100% cash payout

Racing starts at 7 PM this Saturday, April 8th

This will be the final race of the season. But, there are talks of a BIG summer race involving a "goldfish gold cup."Giving you more chances to participate in this bizarre Montana sport.

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