The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office sent out a traffic alert this morning, January 21, about elk crossing Highway 93 south of Hamilton. The large beasts often cross the major roadway, and often do it when it's dark. Frequently, drivers have had to stop to let the herd cross the highway, traveling from the riverbottoms of the Bitterroot River to nearby fields near the hills in the Skalkaho area.

So, be aware. This grouping of elk (see photo above) can occasionally be on the highway south of Hamilton in an area generally bounded by Murdoch's on the north and Charlos Heights on the south. And, of course, near Missoula the herd south of Lolo actually has their own warning signs along US 93. But, you need to be aware of elk and deer all along US 93 and the East Side Highway - including the Bell Crossing area. Drive carefully. Oh, and get that Ravalli County Sheriff's Office cellphone app. The traffic warnings are handy.

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