It was only a matter of time before the "shell shock" of higher prices would prompt residents along the border to start "smuggling" eggs into the United States. 

But some words of caution lest that idea crosses your mind coming back into Montana after that trip to Canada. 

Food & Wine magazine reported on their website Friday that people in some of the communities along the Mexican border have taken to shopping in places like Juarez, Mexico where they can score a flat of 30-eggs for the now-days-low price of $3.40. Then they're attempting to come home with them. But since it's illegal to bring poultry products and uncooked eggs across the border that's essentially egg "smuggling." 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimate the number of eggs and poultry seized during the 4th quarter of last year actually went up 108%. That's leading CBP to issue warnings about the very significant penalties.

The agency told the website Border Report fines could be as high as $10,000 for large, undeclared commercial shipments. Fines for individuals are about $300. But Customs inspectors will often just seize the eggs and let you go with a warning if you admit your mistake. 

But can you save with Canadian eggs?

If you were thinking of flying over the border to Fernie, B.C. from the Tobacco Valley, or coming through Coutts, Alberta with your extra eggs, for yourself or to sell to friends, you won't be saving a thing. 

For example, Save-On-Foods in Fernie does advertise Western Family large eggs as low as $3.99 a dozen, or $2.98 U.S. Those Fancier, organic eggs are $7.99 a dozen, or $5.97 in American greenbacks. Cheaper, yes, with many Montana stores charging $5 to $6 a dozen this last weekend. But when you figure in the price of gas and getting caught, the margin evaporates. 

Of course, there's always that "logging road" crossing up in the Yaak. But with CBP already watching for the REAL illegal stuff you should cross that one off your list. 

Far better to stay home, raise your own chickens, and watch the soon-to-be-released Netflix re-boot of Miami Vice, where two stylish detectives drive around in a black Ferrari in ice cream suits and no socks tracking the bad guys down by following chicken feathers. Gives the term "crack" a whole new meaning.  

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