This time of year I am thankful that I live near water. Every summer when the thermostat reaches 90 degrees, my boys and I head straight for the creek near our house and we don’t leave until fall appears. I know not everyone is lucky enough to live near water, or has time to drive to the local swimming hole for a dip every day. So, for those of you who long for the waterhole cool down, but just can’t get to it every day, I have a few simple alternatives for you.


Photo courtesy of Todd Dwyer/flickr


Lawn chair in the kiddie pool – Some people may think this is a bit redneck, but they only say that because they haven’t tried it. My suggestion - is try it. You might be surprised - you just might like it. I find this goes nicely with a cold beer.


Photo courtesy of carla warnock/flickr


Run through the sprinklers – I know you think that this is just for kids, but I have to tell you it is fun and refreshing. I usually do this a few times during the summer. It is really fun to have races with your kids. Yes it does make you feel like a kid when you do it. But isn’t that the fun of it?


Photo courtesy of bark/flickr


Play with the garden hose – No, I can’t imagine that most of us look like Paris Hilton in the Carl’s Jr. commercial or Cameron Diaz in the car wash scene in “Bad Teacher” but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t enjoy the bountiful wetness spewing from our garden hose. Does it?


Photo courtesy of underwaterguy/flickr


Put your clothes in the freezer – This one I have not tried, but I would like to do this to my husband’s underwear sometimes, just to see his reaction. I’m curious to see how well this works. If the heat wave we are having continues, I just might have to try it.


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