Dear Downtown Missoula,

Thank you for having wonderful, fun things for me to do with my children. The carousel is not only beautiful, but truly a unique and magical place to go. My kids could ride it for hours (if I would let them.) Dragon Hollow is not just another playground, it is a wooden wonderland where my children can let their minds wander and they can expel some of that endless supply of kid energy. The Children’s Museum is a magical place where kids can learn while having a blast. You can also take a stroll by the beautiful Clark Fork River or catch some shade under the Caras Park Pavilion. I do, however, have one complaint. Why is there no child friendly eatery downtown? Do you realize how inconvenient this is? Do you know what kind of horror this is to know you have to take your pile of children into any number of nice restaurants and to try and keep them from yelling, spilling anything and try to find something on the menu they will like (pretty much try to keep them from being a kid)? For the love of Pete, will someone please put a kid friendly eatery near all the kid friendly activities?


A very hopeful Mother.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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