I'm not working from home. I hope I don't have to, as I can sense there would be far too many temptations for me to be productive.

Home does not necessarily mean a hall pass from the normal expectations of personal appearance. Professionalism is still an expectation in many professions. Take legal, for example.  AP tells us that a judge in Florida has had it with the attire of some attorneys who are attending court proceedings via the video conference site Zoom because of the coronavirus pandemic. The judge has sent a letter to a Florida bar association requesting attorneys get out of bed and put some clothes on when they show up for court hearings.

Associated Press went on to list some of the judge's examples of a lack of professionalism, such as one male attorney appearing shirtless. A female attorney was still in bed under the covers. And another lawyer was poolside in a beach coverup.

Objections overruled by this judge.




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