Twice this week I've been hassled for wearing headphones and listening to music in public. I'm not doing it to be a snob, I just don't want to talk to people.

If you do the same thing, I totally get it. Most of us live and die by music and take it with us everywhere. At the gym, on walks, at work, and even while shopping. You're in your own world and don't want to be hassled. There's nothing wrong with that. So, why do people have to be total knob jockeys about it? Get this. Just yesterday I stopped with my dog to rest from a long walk. We're just sitting there minding our business when some rando comes up and starts asking questions. I clearly have my headphones in, and I'm in my own zone. The guy seemed a bit sketchy, so I wasn't about to engage, but he was persistent. I finally took my headphones off, and of course, he was asking me for money. I just shook my head and started to put them back on, and he started spouting off. "If you would take those ****ing things off you could hear me when I'm talking to you etc." Dude, I don't want to talk to you, that's why I have the headphones on. Am I crazy? Does this make me a jerk? If it helps, I can totally wear a shirt that says "Don't talk to me, bro".

Look, I'm not doing it to be snobby, or say that I'm too good to talk with you. I mean no disrespect to anyone by any means. If you see someone chilling with headphones in, let them be. They are just enjoying their day alone, capisce? End of rant.


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