They say the only constant is change.  If you've just settled into the groove of your day with Daylight Saving Time, it would only make sense that this weekend would throw a wrench into things and bring the return of Standard Time.

Get ready to "fall back" an hour on Sunday morning (11/3.)

You know how it works, you change most of your clocks in anticipation of the 2 a.m. time change, and then you freak out the next time you see the clock in your vehicle or some other forgotten electronic device still showing the old time.

There's always suggestions and arguments about doing away with Daylight Savings Time.  Do you think it will ever happen?

Do you know the origins of Daylight Saving Time?  Did you know Benjamin Franklin gets credit for the concept?  Did you know a couple of states don't observe the time change.  Read more about those facts and more HERE.

What do you think?  Is the time change the yearly occurrence that keeps you feeling in tune with the seasons and you don't mind it?  Or are you on the side of the argument that it's a waste and it messes with our bodies and routines for no reason?

Either way, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, we “spring forward” again on March 8th of next year.

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