Today has been a tremendous day for me personally fundraising for the Big Brothers Big Sisters upcoming BOOwl For Kids' Sake. The fundraiser is set for Saturday and Sunday October 28th & 29th at Westside Lanes in Missoula.

Bowl for Kids’ Sake is Big Brothers Big Sisters' signature fundraising event. Each year half a million people across America come together to have fun and raise money to support Big Brothers Big Sisters as we change how children grow up! Bowl for Kids’ Sake is the perfect way for individuals to make an impact on our community- it only takes a little bit of effort to raise the money that is vital to our program’s success.

I've had two donations come in today, and I want to thank them both right now!

1. Mr. Leon Kavis, this man often lends a hand to us at the radio station and everyone around the community. He was the very first person to donate this year, and I will always appreciate his donation. Leon is not the type of guy who likes recognition when he does nice things, but I really hope he knows how much he is appreciated.

2. Ms. Loralei Curtiss, she is the owner of Temptress Salon here in Missoula and just wanted to help out the kids in our community so she made a donation today as well. Loralei is a hard working hairdresser and would love to have you stop by her salon located at 1120 South Russell Street in Missoula.

With these two donations I have now reached my goal of $200! It may not seem like a lot but when helping kids in Western Montana, every dollar helps. Remember there is still time for you to start your own team and solicit donations. Or if you want to donate to my team, I would greatly appreciate that too. Let's see how much money we can raise! :)


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