The Missoula County Attorney’s Office continued to keep busy this week when it comes to new crime cases. Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks explains.

“I think we probably had a fairly typical week as far as these things go,” Marks said. “We filed 14 new cases this week. There were probably a greater than usual amount of domestic violence cases and drug cases. Drug cases involved methamphetamine and heroin. There were some fairly routine theft cases, DUI cases, that sort of thing.”

According to Marks, all confiscated drugs become evidence and are eventually destroyed.

“It is stored in evidence with law enforcement agencies,” Marks said. “Samples are sent to the crime lab for testing to confirm the initial tests for the drugs. Once the case is concluded, the drugs are then destroyed.”

Marks says drugs play a significant role in the number of crimes that that place in Missoula on a weekly basis.

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